Mornings Suck

Dear Diary,

So here I am sleeping... then BAM the alarm goes off. And its not even my alarm. And I dont have to be up for another few hours. So I lay back down after that damn thing stops beeping! Which felt nice at the time. But to be woken up 2 hours later by my own alarm clock. OH MY GOD. I practically crawled to the coffee pot. poured a large cup, and now here I am back in bed. On my laptop that my boyfriend picked out for me... but we paid together! So hold off on the WOW THATS SO NICE OF HIM thoughts. If I knew the first thing about how to pick out a laptop then I would have just done it myself. But he goes to these sites online and has them custom built giving the laptop or computer exactly each part that he wants it to have inside and out. The company makes it like that, and then they ship it to you. For a pretty penny to. If only it worked that way with picking spouses! Am I right? Just walk into a store and tell the clerk OKAY I WOULD LIKE HIM TO HAVE A BIG DICK, MILITARY HAIR CUT, HELL MILITARY EXPERIENCE TO.... AND HOLD THE EXTRA ATTITUDE PLEASE. I ENJOY BEING THE BITCH OF THE RELATIONSHIP THANK YOU. 

So anyways, It's like 7am.... so I really gotta get my ass moving. Do you have any idea how long it takes to make my myself look presentable? HA! I am actually laughing at myself right now. God I love this website. Tust me more is to come. This is only day 2 of my blog, Im sure by day 5 you'll all be mortified, crawled up in the corner in the fetal position sucking your thumb. Just kidding.... but hey dont knock it till you try it! 

Well there we have it. Thats why mornings suck! And why I have trouble talking to strangers in public. All these thoughts going through my head so often.... when someone speaks to my that interrupts my proccess. Not cool dude. Back to my coffee. Ta Ta For Now. 


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