New Here!

Hello everyone! 

I am new to this site. I am not going to disclose any true names or locations of what I speak about, but other than that.... this will literally be like my diary for strangers to judge. Lol.... crazy right? I see it in movies like ALL THE TIME. So why not give it a try. 

I dont know if you can message or comment on this site, but I am open to hearing your thoughts on my passages. That being said, you can find me at Pouty Sweetness on AIM. 

I know, I know.... its so oldschool. But I love that ding sounds it makes when I get a new message! Oh dont worry, that account is ONLY set up for THIS purpose. It does not link my true Name or Idenity in any way. Sorry to disapoint any stalkers! Lol. 

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